oh, how do i even assess what parts of what i do are HACSI? i am pretty half-assed in a lot of ways, yet i also don’t use a lot of shortcuts everyone else does because i veer toward the make-things-from-scratch ethic.

so for my first HACSI post, i would like to share what i made for co-op dinner this week: ENCHILASAGNA.
what makes ENCHILASAGNA so nice is that it contains a lot of the flavors and components of enchiladas, but without having to roll anything up. i didn’t take a picture, so to go along with the semi-illustrated theme, here is my interpretation of what i made:
see how it is all in layers? easy, right? and i could have used any number of things in the layers–it’s endlessly flexible based on what’s around. for the enchilada sauce, i made this–not too fancy, and not as good as real, long-cooked enchilada sauce, but quite delicious for taking only 10 minutes. i added a little bit of paula deen seasoning salt, which i have well-expressed my obsession with here. i made the beans in the pressure cooker with an onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, a bay leaf, and some cumin, and then mixed in some nutritional yeast once i partially drained them to make them saucier quickly.
i then put it in the crockpot (wicked HACSI! oops, actually, i did the layering in the crockpot, so this ordering is a bit disingenuous) and cooked it on high for 5.5 hours. that was too long. i would recommend more in the 4-5 range.
i usually am able, due to my flexible work schedule, to do most of my cooking the morning or evening of my house dinner, but this time, i had to cook everything the night before. and my enchilasagna was totally preparable almost 24 hours before eating! so convenient!
what is yr favorite crockpot meal or trick?

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