HACSI Tip #1: Melting butter

So, this tip is only really good if you don’t have a microwave–which we happen not to. If you have one, here’s yr tip: YOU ARE VERY LUCKY AND CAN HACSI MELT YR BUTTER IN YR MAGICAL ELECTRIC MACHINE. But for the rest of us, here’s my thought.

Sometimes, I want to melt butter when i am baking something, but it seems likeĀ such a pain to get a pot, wash it, etc. So, what’s my solution?


“Wow, that’s not particularly novel or impressive.” you may be thinking. “A miniature pot. Weird, and helpful if I want to pretend that I am a giant, but not much easier.” But! Look!

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oh, how do i even assess what parts of what i do are HACSI? i am pretty half-assed in a lot of ways, yet i also don’t use a lot of shortcuts everyone else does because i veer toward the make-things-from-scratch ethic.

so for my first HACSI post, i would like to share what i made for co-op dinner this week: ENCHILASAGNA.